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Exciton excels in the production of high purity dyes. High purity is critical in laser dyes for maximizing dye laser output, in sensitizing dyes for photolithographic applications, and in absorbing dyes where impurities can lead to losses in luminous transmission or may introduce haze or scattering in laser filters.

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    • Plus de 100 colorants laser dans le proche UV, le visible et le proche infrarouge sont à votre disposition
    • Livraison des colorants laser sous 24H (selon stocks disponibles)
    • Une assistance technique permanente

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    Please read our Introduction to laser beam modulation, which will guide you through the various systems to choose from.

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    Do you have more information on popular non linear crystals?

    Please see our Introduction to non-linear crystals, which provides more information on popular crystals.

    Expert: Jean-Claude Sanudo

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