Embit General purpose USB Dongle

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Fabricant Embit


Description :

EMB-GPDONGLE-USB is a USB dongle developed by embit to allow customers to quickly get started with embit wireless modules. The EMB-GPDONGLE-USB is a generic USB dongle that can host any embit module (since they all employ the same form factor); the embit wireless module selected by the customer can be soldered on the available pads of the EMB-GPDONGLE-USB in a few minutes.

Then, connecting the USB dongle to an host device (e.g., a notebook) the customer can immediately communicate and transfer data with the embit wireless module soldered on the EMB-GPDONGLE-USB, and, through that module, over-the-air data can be transmitted and received.

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  • USB 2.0 full speed transceiver
  • 1 LED and 1 push button
  • 32 kHz crystal
  • embit programming interface
  • Compact form factor: 52 x 25 x 7 mm
  • Supply: 5V (from USB)
  • Benefits

  • Can be used as over-the-air sniffer
  • Any Embit module can be soldered on it!