Famille ECP2 FPGA de Lattice

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Fabricant Lattice Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductors

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Features that the LatticeECP2 family brings to the low cost FPGA category include high performance DSP blocks, up to 70K LUT capacity, support for DDR2 memory interfaces at 533Mbps and up to 840Mbps generic LVDS performance. The LatticeECP2 also provides enhanced FPGA configuration options with features such as dual boot, bitstream encryption and TransFR™ I/O capability.

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  •  95K LUTs with under 0.35W Static Power
  •  Improve Thermal Management, System Reliability and Reduce Overall System Cost
  • sysDSP™ Blocks
  •  Multiply, Accumulate, Addition & Subtraction in Dedicated Blocks
  •  Implement High-Performance DSP Functions Such as FIR, FFT and NCO in a Low-Cost FPGA
  •  Up to 168 18x18 Multipliers Give 63 GMAC DSP Performance
  • High-Speed I/O
  •  I/O Cells Include Dedicated DDR Mux/Demux, DQS Alignment and Gearbox Logic
  •  Pre-Engineered Source Synchronous Interfaces
  • DDR1 400Mbps; DDR2 533Mbps
  • SPI4.2 750Mbps
  • Generic 840Mbps
  • Superior Configuration Options
  •  Industry Standard SPI Boot Flash Interface
  •  Bitstream Encryption Prevents Design Piracy
  •  Dual Boot Provides Backup Configuration Copy
  •  TransFR I/O Supports Updates While System Operates
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Famille ECP2  

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LUTs 32000  
Nombre de Blocs EBR SRAM 18  
Dimension Bloc EBR SRAM (Kbits) 332  
RAM Distribuée (Kbits) 64  
Nombre de sysDSP™ blocs 18x18 8  
Nombre de sysDSP™ Multiplicateurs 32  
Nombre PLL 2  
Nombre DLL 2  
Support DDR DDR2 533 / DDR 400  
Configuration Mémoire / Boot Flash External  
Fonction de Démarrage Simultanée Yes  
Encryptage Bit-Stream Yes  
Nombre d'entrées /Sorties 331  
Grade Vitesse 6  
Gamme de Tension d'alimentation Noyau 1.2  
Température de Fonctionnement (°C) Industrial  
Boîtier 484 ball fpBGA