Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser Diode, 1550-1560nm, 12mW, 100KHz, Butterfly package

NEL DFB Laser Diode

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Fabricant NEL Photonics Business Group

NEL Photonics Business Group

Description :

The NLK1C6DABA model is a narrow linewidth DFB Laser Diode for gas sensing emitting in a spectral range from 1550nm to 1560nm with 12mW output power in a 14-Pin butterfly package including a thermo-electric cooler.

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  • Spectral range: 1550nm to 1560nm
  • Peak wavelength at 1550 nm
  • Spectral linewidth: 100 KHz
  • Fibre output Power: 12 mW
  • Package: 14 Pin Butterfly
  • Threshold current: 25mA
  • Benefits

  • Applications: Near-IR gas analysis, Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), Fiber optic sensors
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Longueur d'onde (nm) 1530 to 1565  

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Puissance 12 mW  
Boîtier 14 Pin Butterfly