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Embedded solutions from Acal BFi

The best choice of embedded computing technology and solutions

Embedded solutions from Acal BFiAcal BFi offer a complete portfolio of embedded computing products for a wide range of applications from world-leading brands. This gives you access to the best-of-breed technology from one single source, delivering efficiency and savings.

See our range of embedded computing products

  • AdvancedTCA
  • AMC
  • Computer-on-Modules
  • cPCI / cPCIe
  • Flat panel computer
  • IndustryPack (IP)
  • PC104 / PC104 plus
  • PCI / PCIe
  • PMC / XMC
  • VPX / OpenVPX

    Complete support from Acal BFi’s technical team

    With almost 30 years’ experience in the embedded computing market, Acal BFi understand the challenges faced by application developers and system integrators. That’s why our world-class product line is supported by an extensive range of support services that take our customers to market quickly and support them through the entire project lifecycle. Using a portfolio of products from market leading vendors, Acal BFi bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your design team.

    With access to the R&D teams behind the world’s most advanced sensing technologies we can design, develop and build custom sensor assemblies quickly and easily. By combining our own in-house knowledge and experience with the skill and resources of our supplier partners, we can help you to develop groundbreaking designs which incorporate the most advanced sensing technologies.

    • Design consultancy – our relationships with industry-leading manufacturers give us access to their latest technology and up-to-date supplier roadmaps. This means our highly experienced engineers are fully equipped to work with your design teams to select the right building blocks for your products and fine tune your designs to make the most of the available technologies. These services can reduce the time and risks inherent with the design phase of a project.
    • Custom assembly – we can assemble and customise your solutions, reducing cost and time-to-market. This may be assembling and testing your single board computer (SBC) with your code installed, or creating custom hardware solutions based on a wide range of industry-standard building blocks. Furthermore, we can functionally and regulatory test the finished products to your requirements. We deliver products based on different logistics models including Just In Time, Kanban and ship-to-line.
    • Product lifecycle management – Acal BFi provide lifecycle management for your products, providing advanced notice of end-of-life (EOL) advisories from our suppliers and supporting migration to newer or alternative products. We also work with “sunset suppliers” to ensure continuity. For example, our lifecycle management services have helped a medical customer transition through two generations of product over fifteen years by supplying evaluation boards and design consultancy for the new components, and ensuring product supply has been maintained during migration.

    Embedded computing custom services

    See our range of custom services for embedded computing products

    Find out more about our design-led approach

    Our unique approach guides customers through the design process from product selection and technology integration to solving complex design challenges.

    Consult. Design. Integrate        

    Get in touch

    To discuss your specific embedded computing requirements or to arrange a visit from our technical sales team please use one of the contact details below.


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