Current Sensing Transformer 1:100 CT 12A

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Fabricante Flux


Descripción :

Flux's 28001204 model is a leaded current sense transformer designed for switched mode power supplies featuring a primary/secondary turn ratio of 1:100 with current peak sense of 12A.

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Datos técnicos :

  • Oferta y disponibilidad


  • 1.0 kV RMS HI-POT primary to secondary
  • Frequency range up to 200 kHz
  • Maximum primary current 12 A
  • Encapsulated construction
  • IEC 950
  • UL approved materials
  • Operation temperature range -30 °C to 120 °C
  • Highly flexible: Primaries can be combined / Secondaries can be combined
  • One operation placement with built-in primary
  • Stick packaging
  • Suitable for automated placement
  • Benefits

    Main Applications:

  • Overload limits
  • Feedback control
  • Economic motor regulation
  • AC regulations
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Rated Current (A) 12  

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Conversion Ratio 1:100  
Output Current (mA) 120  
Response Time @ spec (µs) 2.5