10g Single axis MEMS Accelerometer, High Temperature

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Fabricante Colibrys


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The TS1010T is the ±10g high temperature MEMS Accelerometer specifically design for Inertial directional drilling application. It offers the highest performance stability with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the marketplace for MEMS. The proven MEMS technology by Colibrys is pushing forward the vibration and shock endurance in temperature.

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  • Full-scale acceleration: ±10g
  • High temperature range: -40 to 175°C
  • Excellent Bias Residual model: < +/-0.6 mg for ± 2 g range
  • Low noise: < 7 µg @ 1 Hz for ±2 g range
  • Long term Bias Stability: ±10mg after extreme stability plan
  • LCC20 ceramic package
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Rango de Medida (g) ± 10  
Factor de escala/Sensitividad (V/g) 270 mV/g  
Ruido (μg/√Hz) 34  
Encapsulado LCC-20  
Rango de la Temperatura de Trabajo (°C) -40 to 150