Intelligent thermal Imaging Bullet IP camera

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Descripción :

The ITS650SR is an Intelligent Thermal Imaging uncooled bullet IP camera with 206 x 156 pixel of resolution. This model is ideally suited for indoor or outdoor applications.

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Datos técnicos :

  • Oferta y disponibilidad


  • Resolution: 206 x 156 pixel
  • Lens FOV:36° 4mm f/1.2
  • Spectral response LWIR: 7.8-14µm
  • NETD: <100mK
  • frame rate : 9fps
  • Indoor/Outdoor IP66
  • Benefits

  • Small size and ligth weight
  • Input power option: DC or PoE
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Type Bullet IP  

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Thermography No  
Resolución 206 x 156 pixel  
Detection Range (km) Short range (<1km)  
Technology Uncooled  
Interface IP video