One-piece Board Level Shield for shielding clip, 39.6x39.6mm

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Fabricante MTC


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The SGH-39,60x39,60x7,00x0,20-FS-SC one-piece shield with clip is a metallic shielding consisting of five sides. The sixth side is determined by the connection to the electrical grounding path on the PCB. One-piece shields are mounted on the PCB using either THT or SMD technology.

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  • Oferta y disponibilidad


  • Low-cost shielding possibility directly on the PCB
  • Mounting by THT or SMD technology
  • Standard and customized shields
  • Individual installation on the PCB
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Tipo Clip-on  

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Max. Overall Dimension (L x W mm) 39.6 x 39.6  
Altura (mm) 7  
Design Style One-piece  
Material SPTE  
Acabado Tin