6-100MHz Miniature SMD Crystal

PLETRONICS SM13T Series Crystals

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SM13T Series

Fabricante Pletronics


Descripción :

SM13T Series is a low profile surface mount crystal with a frequency range from 6 MHz to 70 MHz for fundamental, and 40 MHz to 100 MHz for 3rd overtone.

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  • Oferta y disponibilidad


  • Package is ideal for automated surface mount assembly and reflow practices
  • Tape and Reel packaging
  • Ideal for use in hand held consumer products, Bluetooth, WLAN
  • High endurance version available
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Tamaño del Encapsulado (mm) 5.0 x 7.0  
Rango de Frecuencia (MHz) 6 to 100  
Number of pads / pins 4 Pad