10Gb/s Tunable DWDM SFP+ 80km Transceiver

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Fabricante Acal BFi Fibre optic components

Acal BFi - Fibre optics

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The ABXP-DWT96-80D 10 Gb/s SFP+ tunable transceiver is an integrated fiber optic transceiver that provides a high-speed serial link at signaling rates from 9.95 Gb/s to 11.3 Gb/s. The transceiver integrates the receiver and transmitter path on one module. The transceiver contain a C-band-tunable integrated Mach-Zehnder (MZ) laser, enabling data transmission over single-mode fiber through an industry-standard LC connector.

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  • Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s bit rates
  • Monolithically integrated full C-band tunable transmitter and APD receiver
  • 50 GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker
  • Maximum link length of 80km
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI
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Factor de Forma SFP+  

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Distancia (km) 45-80  
Tasa de Datos 9.5 - 11.5 Gb/s  
Rango de Temperatura Commercial