75 Series Toroidal Core, 47mm OD, 26µm

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Fabricante Magnetics Inc

Magnetics Inc

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The 0075440A7 model is 75 material toroidal powder core, 26 µm of permeability with 47 mm outer diameter. The relatively high saturation flux density of 75-Series cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary, such as inverters for renewable energy sources and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). 75-Series cores can offer a lower cost alternative to High Flux cores and offer a substantial improvement in core loss and DC Bias performance when compared to Iron Powder.

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Material 75 Material  

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Forma Toroid  
Al (nH/T2) 59  
Permeabilidad 26  
Le (mm) 107  
Ae (mm²) 199  
Ve (mm³) 21.3