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  • PowerMod-Xg-DC-Power-Supply

    Power Supply, Plug-in DC Module, 24.0 to 58.0V, 288W

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  • PixeLINK Titan series High Speed Cameras

    High speed camera, 15Mpx, USB3.0, Colour, CMOS rolling shutter

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  • OriginGPS ORG1510 Multi Micro-Hornet

    Multi Micro Hornet, GPS/GNSS module with integrated antenna

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  • Excelsys UX6 UltiMod powerPacs Unique in Flexibility, Unrivalled in Performance, Ultra Cost Competitive

    Fuente de alimentación multisalida configurable AC/DC, UX6, Excelsys Technologies

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  • ACAL BFI CCTI-300B/CCTI-600B Thermal Camera

    Thermal Security Camera, Outdoor, Fixed Focus, 640x480 Resolution, 2 video outputs

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  • ACAL BFI CCTI-300P-01 Thermal Camera

    Thermal Security Camera, Outdoor PTZ, 384x288 Resolution

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