Create. Manipulate. Measure: photonics solutions for industry from Acal BFi

Laser world of photonics Acal BFi have been a global leader in Photonics and Imaging for over 40 years. Come and see us on booth A2:527 and explore our fantastic products and learn more about our photonics for industry solutions:

  • Custom solutions
  • Customised optic coatings
  • Customised laser systems
  • Calibration and repair

FREE calibration of Laser Measurement Head voucher
(Available from the Acal BFi booth - A2:527)

Register at the Acal BFi booth and get your voucher for one free re-calibration*.  This offer is valid for new LaserPoint instruments purchased up to 31 December 2017.

*Max one re-calibration voucher per company




Carefully selected photonics products with expert local support

We understand that photonics is a specialised, highly technical and extremely advanced technology area. Our engineering heritage and expertise allows us to work with suppliers who share this passion and provide the very best in photonics products and solutions.

From light generation (lasers, diodes, LEDs) handling (optical components, scanners/galvanometers and modulators) to light detection (from simple photodiodes to sophisticated spectroscopy or photometry devices), photons are at the heart of our and our manufacturers’ expertise. Come and see our showcase of products and talk to our experts about the solutions we can provide for your industrial photonics needs.

Why Acal BFi?

Here at Acal BFi we offer a unique combination of design expertise and leading-cutting edge technologies from our bespoke photonics product portfolio.

Photons are at the heart of our expertise and as such, we are vendor neutral – allowing us to offer the best products that are right for you. Our technical experts work closely with you to help you meet your key technical and commercial objectives. Our duty is to understand your requirements and then recommend, and deliver, the optimum solution for your specific application at the optimum cost. Find out more about our design led approach.

White paper – Are smart beacons the next step in the third industrial revolution?

Technology continues to expand at a phenomenal rate, directly impacting the way we go about our day-to-day lives. In our latest white paper we look at how smart beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy technology will drive further change, adding yet more convenience to our everyday lives.

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SynQor medical power supplies compliant to new IEC60601-1:2014 (4th edition) standards

SynQor continue to lead the industry in advanced standards compliance with their latest medical product releases.

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Mag Inc introduce evolutionary new core material Kool Mμ® MAX

Magnetics (Mag Inc) have introduced a brand new core material, Kool Mμ® MAX. Available from Acal BFi, Kool Mμ MAX, a supercharged version of the low core loss Kool Mµ material, retains all of the benefits of Kool Mµ but brings superior performance closer to that of Magnetics’ premium material, High Flux.

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