1GG5-8045 110 GHz Doppelt balancierter Mischer

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Hersteller Agilent MMIC

Keysight MMIC

Beschreibung :

The 1GG5-8045 is a broadband diode ring mixer that can be operated in fundamental and harmonic mixing modes. The mixer is double balanced when operated with external LO and IF baluns. The 1GG5-8045 is fabricated in a low-barrier integrated diode process. Beam leads allow the device to be mounted directly on a thin film circuit.

Keysight 1GG5-8045 does not contain any intentionally added RoHS substances above permitted maximum thresholds.

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  • Frequency Range:
  • 0-50 GHz LO
  • 0-110 GHz RF
  • 0-100 MHz IF
  • Conversion Loss:
  • 14 dB typical N=1
  • 28 dB typical N=3
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RF Frequency (MHz) 0 to 110000  

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IF Frequency (MHz) 0 to 100  
Package (mm) 0.836 x 0.977 x 0.58