Sensors – to detect, measure and monitor

Honeywell pressure sensor

By combining many of the world’s most established and innovative sensor manufacturers in a single line card, Acal BFi can help you detect, measure and monitor just about anything. Our sensors range from the smallest MEMS devices for interactive gaming, to platinum sensors which can measure temperatures from -196°C to 1,000°C.

Choosing the right sensor

With over 50,000 different sensor products from Honeywell alone, there are so many decisions to be made when narrowing down your choice to the one which is right for your application. That is why Acal BFi’s sensor specialists work in partnership with many of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers to help you to make informed sensing decisions.

From gaming to downhole drilling

Regardless of whether Acal BFi’s specialists are helping to develop sensors to guide the world’s first iPhone-controlled drone, for specialist environmental monitoring equipment, or for medical ventilators, our objectives are the same – to help you increase sensing accuracy and reliability, whilst carefully controlling the overall cost of your end-product.

Our experience has been gained by helping customers to create accurate and innovative sensing solutions for applications which range from the most cost-sensitive consumer gadgets to high-end equipment for use in the harsh operating conditions of the aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

Detection, monitoring and measurement

  • Airflow and differential pressure
  • Current
  • Fibre optics and liquid levels
  • Force
  • Gases
  • Hall-effect and magnetic rotary position
  • Humidity
  • Infrared
  • MEMS
  • Motion
  • Oxygen
  • Particle
  • Pressure
  • Temperature      
  • Some of the world’s most innovative sensor specialists

  • Amphenol Advanced Sensors
  • BD Sensors
  • Colibrys
  • Innovative Sensor Technology
  • Heraeus
  • Honeywell
  • Shibaura
  • Shinyei
  • Silicon Sensing
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