High spatial resolution voltage distribution measurements

Trek Model 1100TN Electrostatic Force Microscope

An electrostatic force microscope (EFM) produces images that contain information about electric properties such as the surface potential and charge distribution of a sample surface.

Acal BFi supply equipment from leading producers worldwide. Our engineers are trained by our suppliers so our product knowledge is backed up by technical understanding. This enables our customers to benefit from the most up-to-date technology, as well as expertise unmatched in the industry.

One of the innovative products we supply is the EFM from Trek Inc, which enables precise voltage measurements with very high spatial resolution. This product sets new standards in precision and will be especially valuable to scientists, academics and other researchers.

EFMs in action

EFMs map electric properties on a sample surface by measuring the electrostatic force between the surface and a biased cantilever. The EFM applies a voltage between the tip and the sample, while the cantilever hovers above the surface without touching it. The cantilever deflects when it scans over static charges.

EFMs can map the electrostatic field of an electronic circuit as the device is switched on and off. This is known as ‘voltage probing’, and is a valuable tool for testing live microprocessor chips at the sub-micron level.

Trek 1100TN

Acal BFi supply products made by Trek Inc, a world-renowned supplier of electrostatic measurement equipment and high-voltage amplifiers.

The Trek 1100TN electrostatic force microscope enables voltage measurements with a very high spatial resolution (better than 10 micrometers) beyond the capability of typical electrostatic voltmeters.

The 1100TN can also measure voltage distribution across a much larger surface area compared with a scanning probe microscope when operated under atmospheric conditions. It employs a feedback voltage to the detector which is equal to the measured voltage, thus preventing arcing between the detector and the surface under test.

Applications include:

  • electrophotographic materials testing
  • MEMS testing, and
  • evaluating photovoltaic materials.

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