Electrophotographic technology made easy

Trek electrostatic voltmeter

In a nutshell, electrophotography is photography in which an image is transferred onto paper by means of electrical rather than chemical processes. Electrophotographic technology is used in the electrostatic image-forming process in laser printers, photocopiers and other devices.

Trek Inc, founded in 1968, is a prime example of the market-leading electronic equipment and components companies whose products Acal BFi supply. Trek has a long-standing association with electrophotography. Trek designs electrostatic voltmeters and corona-charging power supplies, which play an essential role in electrostatic image-forming.

Acal BFi expertise

Acal BFi do more than simply supply Trek products. Our service centre offer repair and calibration for most types of high-voltage amplifiers and voltmeters, and our engineers receive regular training from Trek. This gives our customers significant advantages.

Electrostatic voltmeters

Either contacting or non-contacting electrostatic voltmeters allow the measurement of surface voltage. Trek’s probe design ensures high speed response, low noise and low drift, even across wide temperature ranges and in high humidity, and even in the presence of contaminating particulates. Trek’s voltmeters have many applications beyond electrophotography, including semiconductors, material surface testing, and the production/assembly of electronic components.

Key features

  • In non-contacting voltmeters, surface discharge is measured without touching the device: this is especially important where devices are sensitive to damage caused by electrostatic discharge or moving surfaces.
  • In contacting voltmeters, Trek’s ultra-high impedance technology allows surfaces to be contacted for voltage measurement with virtually no transfer of electric charge to or from the measured object, unlike other voltmeters which transfer charge upon contact.

High-voltage power amplifiers

Trek’s DC-stable amplifiers feature a solid-state design with a four-quadrant active output stage that sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads. This is essential to achieve high bandwidth, low noise, and high slew rates. Applications include semiconductors, electro-optic modulation and electrophoresis.

Key features

  • A digital enable means high voltage can be switched on and off remotely when an amplifier is integrated into an automated process.
  • Many models have a current trip and current limit to protect devices.

Piezo drivers

Piezoelectric devices usually require lower voltage, higher bandwidth and higher currents than other applications. Trek’s latest technology provides a series of amplifiers that accommodate the need to drive and test piezoelectric components.

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