Keypads tailor-made for your application

Working with industry-leading manufacturers from around the world, Acal BFi can supply keypads for a wide variety of markets, custom designed for you.

Visually stunning and functionally superior

Custom keypads can make your product both visually stunning and functionally superior, providing you choose the right technology for the job. Here at Acal BFi we have access to all the key technologies to give you the widest possible range of custom keypads. Our technologies include capacitive touch, piezoelectric, silicone rubber and membrane key pads, and our experienced Sales and engineering team work with you to assess the best technology for your application, through the design process, to the perfect keypad for your application.

All technologies under one roof

Acal BFi can provide both standard and custom keypads using the following technologies.

  • Capacitive touch – developed for use in environments where a completely sealed design is required. This technology uses sophisticated electronics sitting behind a custom insulating layer, normally glass, making the technology suitable for use in environments requiring resistance to scratches, impacts, dust and harsh cleaning fluids. Capacitive touch keypads are particularly suited to industrial and medical applications.
  • Membrane keypads – developed to combine a number of switches and indicators in a single panel with the ability for custom graphic this technology offers a low assembly cost. Membrane keypads can incorporate RFI/EMC screening features, display windows and insertable legends with sealing from IP65 to IP68. They are ideal for consumer, industrial and medical applications.
  • Piezoelectric keypads – developed to provide a high-reliability keypad design that has no moving parts. This keypad technology combines all of the benefits of membrane technology with a substantially longer life, typically 40 million operations, and the added advantage of a wide choice of graphic overlay materials including aluminum, stainless steel and glass. Sealing is available from IP65 (standard) up to IP68.
  • Silicone rubber mats – developed to produce a low cost tactile switch for volume applications, rubber mats are used with a PCB to form the switch. They offer extended travel when compared with membranes and are typically used in volume consumer and industrial applications. Silicone rubber mats from Acal BFi are available with a choice of contact pills (carbon or gold plated) or actuation via a metal dome or polydome.

Learn more about which technology is best for your application by calling our design engineers today to discuss your next keypad design.


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