RTM for the ATCA-736X product series, 2X GbE, 2X 147GB SAS HDD included

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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The RTM-ATCA-736X-DD is a rear transition module (RTM) designed specifically to work with the Artesyn Embedded Technologies ATCA-736x processor blade family. The RTM features a two-port 1 Gb Ethernet controller, a four-port SAS controller and two removable disk cards called SAS Drive Carriers. The disk cards each hold one 2.5' disk, and fit wholly within the RTM thermal envelope to provide an environment for proper disk cooling.

Functionally, the RTM-ATCA-736X-DD utilizes two PCI Express buses to connect with the Ethernet and SAS controllers. The Ethernet controller provides two 1000Base-T Ethernet connections using RJ45 copper media jacks on the RTM back panel. These ports are compatible with commodity off-the-shelf, non-proprietary CAT-5E or similar cables.

The SAS controller provides four SAS/SATA ports that each operates at 3 Gb/s. Two SAS ports route to the removable disks, and two SAS ports route back to the Zone 3 connector for additional storage expansion. For example, the front blade can add more storage by routing these ports to disks or to a SAS expander.

Finally, the RTM-ATCA-736X-DD includes numerous indicator LEDs and a modular management controller (MMC) with a hot swap notification mechanism to coordinate disk servicing the front blade OS. The MMC also performs intelligent monitoring and management tasks and conforms to the PICMG 3.0 and AMC.0 R2 specification.

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  • Intel 82580, Dual 1Gb Ethernet controller (PCI Express Gen 2.0)
  • Two Ethernet 1000Base-T ports (RJ45)
  • LSI SAS1064E, Quad 3 Gb SAS controller (PCI Express Gen 1.0a)
  • Two removable SAS Drive Carriers (0106880J0XX)
  • RAID 0,1, and 1E capability, with boot
  • SAS Expander support, up to 122 disks
  • Handle Ejector switch for hot swap
  • One recessed push button switch for front blade reset
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