UV-VIS-NIR fibred spectrometer

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Manufacturer ARCoptix


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The ARCspectro UV-VIS-NIR Fibre-Input is an ultra-broadband spectrometer  designed for use with fibred probes over the complete UV, VIS and NIR spectral range: 200-2600nm. The system incorporates one Arcoptix FT-NIR Fourier-Transform scanning spectrometer for the NIR range 0.9-2.6 and one multichannel grating spectrometer for the UV-VIS range. Both instruments are integrated in a single, portable housing that has two separate SMA inputs for the UV-VIS and for the NIR ranges, matching the transmission ranges of high-OH and low-OH fibres. The software supplied with the spectrometer automatically merges the spectra produced by the 2 spectrometers.

Unlike most scanning spectrometers used for such applications that take several minutes for a complete scan, the ARCspectro UV-VIS-NIR gives a result within one second. The software can be customised on demand for specific colorimetric or other standard measurements.

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  • Ultra-broad spectral range: 200nm-2600nm
  • Very good resolution (<5nm)
  • Operation via optical fibres
  • Fast measurements (down to 1 second)
  • Very easy to use
Spectral range200nm-2600nm
Spectral resolution<5 nm (optical), 1nm reporting interval
UV-VIS spectrometerDispersive spectrometer with a silicon array detector (3648 pixels) 16-bit ADC, spectral range: 200-1025nm
NIR spectrometerFourier-Transform NIR spectrometer with dual-corner cube interferometer and extended range InGaAs photodiode, 24-bit ADC, spectral range: 900-2600nm
Fibre inputs2x SMA-905 (one for UV-VIS, one for NIR)
Minimum measurement time1 second
SNR (Full dynamic range- 5 sec measurement, DH-2000-DUV directly attached)>1’000:1 (UV-VIS), >10'000:1 (NIR)
Software interfaceWindows 7 / 8 / 10
Operating voltage (power)12V DC (line power adaptor 100-240V included)
Communication interfaceUSB 2.0
Product dimensions220 x 180 x 80mm
Product weight2.5Kg
Operating temperature5°C-35°C