16 Channel PANAVIA Serial Interface Test and Simulation Module

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Manufacturer AIM


Description :

The ACI-PSI-16 is a CompactPCI (3U) module, providing simulation, monitoring and recording, protocol testing and data selection of 8 Transmit (Tx) and 8 Receive (Rx) Serial Data Channels according to the PANAVIA interface standard specification.

The advanced hardware architecture provides powerful resources (processing performance and memory size) to guarantee fully concurrent availability of all specified PANAVIA Interface functions simultaneously on all Tx and Rx channels.

The 8 Transmit (Tx) Channels, on the ACI-PSI-16 module, act as an autonomously operating data communication simulator, supporting a continuous transmission sequence with user definable data words.

The 8 Receive (Rx) channels, on the ACI-PSI-16 module provides the PANAVIA standard decoding, with unique onboard error detection, triggering and data selection capability. The ACI-PSI-16 also operates with the optional 'PANalyser' Databus Analyser software package for WINDOWS.

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  • Concurrent Operation of all Channels with Decoding of 16bit Data & Status Words
  • Tag Oriented or Chronological Data Storage & Tag Selective Data Filtering
  • Programmable Interrupts
  • Continuous Data & Clock Transmission - 64KHz or 62.5KHz
  • Full Error Injection/ Detection
  • IRIG-B Time Encoder/ Decoder
  • Driver Software Included: WindowsXP/Vista/7, LabVIEW VI's
  • Optional Databus Test & Analysis Software
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Card Size 3U  

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Number of Channels 16  
Single/Multifunction No  
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option No