Phase Measurement Sensor System, NeoFox

Ocean Optics NeoFox Phase Measurement

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NeoFox Phase Measurement

Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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The new NeoFox Phase Measurement system is a fluorescence-based optical sensor system that helps you reduce costs, improve stability and make calibration easier for a wide variety of oxygen sensing setups. NeoFox is the benchtop device for measurement of fluorescence lifetime, phase and intensity and is particularly suited for applications where sensitivity to drift and system stability are critical.

Plus, NeoFox is about half the cost of comparable phase measurement systems.

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  • Principle: Photoluminescence quenching using a ruthenium compound; sensor measure O2 partial pressure
  • Parameters measured: Luminescence phase shift, AC luminescence intensity, temperature (viia optional external thermistors) and pressure (via onboard pressure transducer)
  • Sensor coating formulations (sol gel embedded dyes): General purpose (FOXY), high-sensitivity (FOSPOR) and hydrocarbon-ready (HIOXY)
  • Media: Gases and liquids
  • Benefits

  • Ocean Optics' pH and O2 optical sensors provide a viable alternative to traditional chemical sensing devices and feature transducer materials - applied to the tips of optical fibers or to substrates such as patches or cuvettes.
  • Our sensors are used in life sciences, pharmaceutical, quality control, food and beverage and a host of other applications. O2 Sensors for Real-time Analysis. NeoFox is about half the cost of comparable phase measurement systems.