Raman Spectrometer, Modular, High Sensitivity

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QE Pro-Raman

Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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The sensitivity and large dynamic range of the QE Pro-Raman combine to make it the highest-performance miniature spectrometer in its class. Absorption, reflectance, fluorescence and Raman measurements all benefit from the superior performance of the QE Pro-Raman. For advanced measurements, a 15,000 spectra buffer ensures data integrity at high collection rates and an advanced optical design and thermoelectric cooler combine to provide thermal stability over long-term measurements. Whether for high speed or wide concentration range measurements, the QE Pro brings exceptional performance to your lab or process application.

Wide Dynamic Range: Low-noise electronics and an 18 bit A/D converter double the QE Pro’s dynamic range and increase the sensitivity by a factor of two compared to typical back-thinned CCD array miniature spectrometers.

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  • Wavelength range: Configurations support the range of 200 – 1100 nm
  • Interchangeable slits fitting
  • Optical resolution: 0.14 - 7.7 nm (FWHM) depending on configuration
  • System SNR: 1000:1
  • A/D resolution: 18 bit
  • Wide Dynamic range: 85,000 (typical)
  • Stray light: <0.08% at 600 nm; 0.4% at 435 nm
  • Buffering: 15,000 spectra
  • TEC: Cooling to -40 ºC below ambient -40 ºC to +50 ºC temperature limits
  • Benefits

  • Buffering for Fast Measurements: To support fast, and full-spectrum data acquisition, the onboard buffer stores up to 15,000 spectra. This maintains data integrity by buffering time stamped spectra for USB communications.
Spectrometer QE-Pro-Raman
Spectral range 780-1100nm (gratings dependent)
Entrance slit 50µm
Raman shift 0-2800cm-1
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 7-11cm-1 (over the range)
Signal to noise ratio 1000:1 (single acquisition)
Fiber optic connector SMA 905 and Ocean optics FC
Software OceanView 1.4 Software