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Ocean Optics USB650 Red Tide

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USB650 Red Tide Spectrometer for Education:is a low-cost, small- footprint lab spectrometer that's ideal as a general-purpose instrument for budget-conscious teaching and research labs. The Red Tide is a preconfigured, off-the-shelf spectrometer where all of the optical bench options, such as grating and entrance slit size, are already selected.

The Red Tide can be used with various Ocean Optics spectrometer accessories, light sources and sampling optics, to create application-specific systems for various absorbance, reflection and emission applications. With its small footprint (89.1 mm x 63.3 mm), convenient USB interface, and integration times as fast as 3 milliseconds, the Red Tide is a great tool for basic lab measurements.

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  • USB650 Red Tide: 350-1000 nm
  • USB650-UV-VIS Red Tide: 210 to 880 nm
  • USB650-VIS-NIR Red Tide: 370 to 985 nm
  • Optical resolution: ~2.0 nm FWHM
  • Fiber optic connector: SMA 905
  • Benefits

  • The USB-650 Red Tide comes without a light source or sample system, allowing you the freedom to choose the accessories that best fit your application.
  • The USB-650-VIS-NIR (at right) comes with a direct-attach light source and sample holder. The light source includes an LED-boosted tungsten source and a sample holder for 1-cm cuvettes that connects to the front of the spectrometer. In this configuration, the system has a wavelength range of 370-980 nm.
  • The USB-650-UV-VIS includes a deuterium tungsten halogen light source and a 1-cm cuvette holder. In this configuration, the system has a wavelength range of 200-850 nm. 
  • Note: The Red Tide USB650 is not recommended for absolute irradiance measurements. For absolute irradiance, we recommend the USB2000+ miniature spectrometer.
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Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm  
Spectrometer USB650-Red Tide USB650-RED Tide UV-VIS USB650-RED Tide VIS -NIR
Spectral range 350-110nm 210-880nm 370-985nm
Detector CCD linear Array CCD linear Array CCI linear Array
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 2.0nm 2.0nm 2.0nm
Aperture 25µm slit 25µm slit 25µm slit
Focal length 42mm input / 68mm output 42mm input / 68mm output 42mm input / 68mm output
Fiber optic connector SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber