Spectrometer, Preconfigured Suite, Jaz EL series

Ocean Optics JAZ Spectrometer Suite

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Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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Jaz Spectrometer, Preconfigured Suite is like nothing you’ve ever seen before - a community of stackable, modular and autonomous components that combine to create a family of smart sensing instruments. Jaz is unfettered by the limits of traditional optical sensing instrumentation. Its unique features and expandable platform makes it uniquely suited for field applications, remote sensing, process flow and quality assurance.

Jaz EL Series Preconfigured Spectrometer Suite
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  • Jaz Spectrometer Module: 14 gratings, UV through Shortwave NIR
  • Jaz OLED Display Module
  • Jaz Ethernet and Memory Module
  • Jaz Light Source Module:UV-VIS deuterium-tungsten halogen
  • Benefits

  • The world's coolest modular measuring suite This community of stackable, modular and autonomous components combine to create a truly innovative optical sensing solution that can be built from the ground up to perfectly suit your application.
  • Stackable, autonomous instrument modules allow you to customize the system to your changing application needs
  • Ethernet connectivity plus an SD card for data storage make remote operation a snap.
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Spectrometer Type Portable  

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Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm  
Jaz Series EL350 EL200 EL200-XR1 SpectroClip-JAZ-TR ULM200
Spectral range 350-1000nm 200-850nm 200-1025nm 350-1000nm 200-850nm
Channel module 1 1 1 2 1
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 1.3nm 1.3nm 1.7nm 1.3nm 1.3nm
Slit 25µm 25µm 25µm 25µm 10µm
Signal Noise ratio 250:1
Software OceanView 1.4 Jaz-A-IRAD
  • Transmission
  • Reflection
  • Irradiance