Spectrometer, High Sensitivity, for Absorbance and Fluroescence

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QE Pro

Manufacturer Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics

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The QE Pro is a spectrometer with high sensitivity and low stray light performance. It is ideal for a wide range of low light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis. The QE Pro is available in two different ways: custom configured and preconfigured.

QE65-Pro Scientific-Grade Spectrometer
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  • Wavelength range: Grating dependent
  • Optical resolution: ~0.14-7.7 nm (FWHM)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 1000:1 at full signal
  • Dark noise: 3 RMS counts
  • Dynamic range: 7.5 x 109 (system), 25000:1 for a single acquisition
  • Corrected linearity: >99%
  • Grating options: Multiple grating options - UV through shortwave NIR
  • Benefits

  • QE65 Pro is a great choice for fluorescence and low light level applications and is particularly well suited for modular Raman spectroscopy.
  • For Raman, we offer a 900 mm-1 grating (#H36) that is blazed at 500 nm and has good response at the 532 and  785 nm laser illumination wavelengths typical of Raman.
  • Applications: Fluorescence, Absorbance , DNA sequencing, Astronomy, Raman spectroscopy.
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Spectrometer Type High sensitivity  

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Spectral Range 190nm-1100nm  
QE Pro Serie QE-Pro-ABS QE-Pro-FL
Spectral range 200-950nm 350-1100nm
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 0.14-7.7nm (Depends on grating and size of entrance aperture)
Slit 10µm 200µm
Signal to noise ratio 1000:1 (single acquisition)
Fiber optic connector SMA 905 and Ocean otpics FC
Software OceanView 1.4
Measurements Absorbance Fluroescence