008008SMi8 - 85 to 88MHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator

APA Wireless 008008SMi8 008008SMi8 - 85 to 88MHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator

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Manufacturer APA Wireless

APA Wireless

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The 008008SMi8 from APA Wireless is a Voltage Controlled Oscillator operating in the 85 to 88MHz range. Operating from a maximum supply voltage of 8V the 008008SMi8 has a typical supply current of 20mA. Output Power is typically 9dBm with a phase noise figure of -154dBc/Hz. APA Wireless offers a diverse line of oscillators covering narrow band and octave bandwidths. Designed for a variety of applications, these units provide excellent phase noise and linearity with a range of package styles, supply voltages, and tuning sensitivities. Fully automated assembly and strict process controls ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, with complete characterization.

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Frequency (MHz) 85 to 88  

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Tuning Voltage (VDC) 0.5 to 4.5  
Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) 2 to 4  
VCC (VDC) 8  
ICC (mA) 20  
Output Power (dBm) 9  
Output 2nd Harmonic (dBc) -10  
Phase Noise -154