Glan Taylor Polariser, Calcite 350-2200nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


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Glan Taylor polariser in Calcite 350-2200nm material produces linearly polarized light from an unpolarized input. A Glan Taylor prism consists of two prisms separated by an air gap. The transmitted beam of extraordinary polarization is used. The rejected beam is absorbed by black glass plates cemented to the prisms.

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  • Material: Calcite
  • Spectral range: 350-2200nm
  • Extinction ratio: <5×10-5
  • Angular field: >7.7°
  • Laser damage threshold: >200 MW/cm²
  • Benefits

  • Air-spaced, medium power Polarisers for visible or near IR wavelengths/li>
  • Close to Brewster's angle cutting/li>
  • High polarization purity/li>
  • Short length
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