Q-Switched DPSS Laser, 266nm, 50-200mW, 5-10µJ, 5-10kHz

CNI MPL-266 DPSS Q-Switched Laser 266nm 50-200mW 5-10µJ 5-10kHz

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Manufacturer Changchun New Industries

Changchun New Industries

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All solid state MPL-266 series UV laser is made features of ultra compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy operating, which is widely used in UV curing, micro-electronics, CD carving, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment.

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  • Wavelength: 266nm ±1
  • Output Power Range: 50-200mW
  • Peak power: 500W or 2800W
  • Transverse mode Near TEM00
  • Operating mode: Frequency conversion of Q-switched pulsed laser for MPL-266-W
  • Operating mode: Pulsed, Cr: YAG passively Q-switched for MPL-266-N
  • Single Pulse Energy: 5-10uJ
  • Pulse Duration: ~7 or 10ns
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Laser Technology Compact DPSS  

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Spectral Range UV (150-400nm)  
Typical Pulse Length 0.5ns-500ns  
Max Average Power 50mW-1W  
Max Energy/Pulse 1-1000µJ  
Max Repetition Rate 100Hz-10kHz  
Most common wavelengths 266nm