High Power CW Laser Diodes, 805nm, 7W

OSI CW7000 High Power CW Laser Diodes

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Manufacturer OSI Laser Diode Inc

OSI Laser Diode Inc

Description :

OSI Laser Diode Inc.'s series of High Power CW products is offered with an output range from 0.5 Watts to 7.0 Watts. These devices have a standard wavelength of 805nm +/- 5nm with a spectral width of 2.5 nm FWHM.

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  • 0.5 - 7 Watts
  • High Efficiency Devices
  • Multiple Package Options
  • High Reliability/Long Life
  • Aluminium Free
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Emission wavelength 805nm  

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LD Type Single emitter  
Mode of Operation CW  
Output Power 1W-500W  
Package 9mm