Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor, HASO4 Broadband, 350-1100nm

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HASO4 Broadband

Manufacturer Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic

Description :

Providing outstanding performances, the HASO Wavefront Sensors family is used on the most demanding applications in optical metrology, microscopy and laser diagnostics worldwide. The three unique characteristics delivered with each of our products, factory calibration, advanced software and high quality microlens array allow the shack hartmann wavefront sensor HASO4 Broadband to provide a level of performance beyond comparison for application over the full spectral range of silicon (350-1100 nm).

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  • Full spectral range calibration over 350 -1100 nm
  • λ/100 absolute accuracy over 600 λ dynamic range
  • 20Hz, full resolution
  • Patented measurement technology of phase and intensity simultaneously and independently
  • Beam collimation with an accuracy better than 300 m radius of curvature
  • A 20 mm focal length measurement with a sensitivity of 1 μm rms
  • Direct wavefront acquisition of converging and diverging F/5 beams with an accuracy of λ/100 rms including astigmatism and high order aberrations
  • Benefits

  • Optimised for polychromatic and monochromatic beams over the full spectral range (350-1100 nm)
  • C-mount compatible entrance aperture
  • External trigger capability
  • The industry’s most complete software package WaveView included
  • C, LabVIEW and MATLAB compatible core engine SDK of WaveView