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  • Myrra 74087 24W, EF20, 12-12 V, 2/3 Output, Flyback Transformer

    24W EF20 12-12 V 2/3 Output Flyback Transformer

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  • Myrra 44514 7.5 VA, EI 30- 18, 50/60Hz PCB Mount Encapsulated Transformer

    Encapsulated transformer, PCB mount, 230 V, 7.5 V, 373 mA, EI 30-18, 32.6 x 27.6 x 29.8 mm

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  • Myrra 74089 20W, EF20, 5-5V, 2/3 Output, Flyback Transformer

    20W EF20 5-5V 2/3 Output Flyback Transformer

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  • NA-000616_NI

    High-quality transformers and inductors for industrial use

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  • NA-000591_NI

    Magnetic components - an overview of our capabilities and product range

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  • Myrrel_logo_NA-000213_NI_ajpg

    Myrrel Engineering are now part of the Acal group of companies

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