NTC Gold Electrode Type PSB-S3 Thermistor

Shibaura PB-36-SD1 Gold Electrode Type PSB-S1 Thermistor

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Manufacturer Shibaura


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The PSB-S3 family of NTC, glass bead, thermistors from Shibaura have a medium sized 1.3mm diameter glass bead and are designe for applications requiring a fast response. Dumet wire is copper clad FeNi alloy wire, but other coatings are available on request. The glass bead is fully sealed providing heat resistance and a high stability. Available in nine different resistance curves and three tolerance bands the PSB-S3 family will operate up to 300°C when the Gold Electrode type is specified and 120°C when the Silver Palladium Electrode type is specified.

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  • Medium size ø1.3mm is used for applications which require fast response.
  • Glass-sealed bead provides heat resistance and high stability.
  • Chip type thermistor element is used. Chip-mounting, glass-sealing and all measuring processes are fully automated and which assures uniform in quality. It also enable to provide competitive price and high volume.
  • Suitable for instruments and other applications requiring low power and high reliability.
  • Dumet wire is copper clad FeNi alloy wire. Upon customers request, solder plating, nickel plating, polyimide coating, polyimide tube attachment and vinyl tube attachment are available.
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B Value (K) 4300  

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B Value Tolerance (%) ± 3  
B Value Temperature Range (°C) 100 to 200  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (kΩ) 0.55  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (Temperature (°C)) 200  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance Tolerance (%) ± 1  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -50 to 300  
Thermal Time Constant (s) (In Still Air) 5 (3.5 to 6.5)  
Dissipation Constant (In Still Air) (mW/°C) 0.7 to 0.9  
Diameter 1.3 ± 0.2 mm  
Lead Length 71 ± 5 mm