XFP TWDM xPON OLT Transmitter, 10Gb/s, L-band CW, up to 2km

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Hisense Broadband

Description :

The LTW6TXX serie is intend for the future NX 10Gb TWDM PON OLT application in a several separate XFP housing. This LTW6Txx serie is configured with L-band 10Gb downstream transmitter. LTW6Txx serie is designed to support 32 suscribers over distances of up to 20km .

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  • XFP package
  • 3.3 V and 5 V DC power supply
  • Dual LC receptacle optical connector
  • Hot pluggable
  • 2x15 XFP electrical interface
  • Case Operating Temperature Range: only room temperature room available
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  • FFTH
  • FFTB
  • FFTC
  • Nx10Gbps Ethernet access network
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Form factor XFP  

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Distance (km) 20-40  
Protocol PON  
Data rate 9.5 - 11.5 Gb/s  
Temperature range Commercial