Terminal test application, 1xEV-DO

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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E1966A 1xEV-DO terminal test application, which runs on the industry-standard 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E) wireless communications test set, delivers comprehensive call processing and RF parametric test capability to verify the RF performance of your 1xEV-DO wireless access terminals. The E1966A is developed to meet the needs of high-volume manufacturing, wireless RF device development, and service and repair.

Based on the high performance E5515C/E test set, you gain the additional benefits of extremely fast measurement speed, ease of programming, accuracy, reliability, and worldwide service and support. These proven features help you shorten test development time, increase throughput, and minimize support costs. We will help you protect your investment by meeting your test needs now and into the future. The E1966A is continuously updated to add test capabilities to best address the cellular device market trends, such as 1xEV-DO Release A and Release B.

The E1966A is the first-to-market with support for 1xEV-DO Release B MCTAP and Optional DRC (including 64QAM). This functionality provides R&D engineers with standardized RF parametric tests for Release B, ensuring that components are designed to handle the more stringent modulation requirements. Manufacturers can easily expand their existing 1xEV-DO production tests to include Release B. Single carrier Release B MCTAP functionality can be added with the E1966A-102 Release A feature option; two or three carrier Release B MCTAP functionality requires feature option E1966A-103.

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  • Single carrier Release B MCTAP functionality with E1966A-102
  • FTAP/RTAP, FETAP/RETAP, and FMCTAP/RMCTAP call processing for physical layer testing of 1xEV-DO Release 0, Release A, and Release B wireless access terminals
  • Release B multi-carrier and optional DRC (including 64QAM) for up to 4.9 Mbps (with one test set) or 14.7 Mbps (with three test sets) forward link over FMCTAP/RMCTAP
  • Packet error rate at all QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM forward link modulation modes supported in 1xEV-DO Release 0, Release A, and Release B standards
  • Support all comercial Bands 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19 and 30
  • Additional Band class 0 channel for China Telecomm
  • Simulates one satellite for calibration of UE’s built-in GPS receiver. Requires an additional E1966A-206 license
  • Protocol logging,
  • multi-unit synchronization