Polarisation synthesiser

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

The Keysight N7786B polarization synthesizer contains a high-speed Lithium-Niobate based polarization controller and a polarization analyser plus a microcontroller based driving circuitry.

This unit can operate in various modes:

As Polarization Stabilizer it provides a stable output State of Polarization (SOP) even with fluctuations and drifts of the input SOP. The stabilized output signal is guided in a Standard Single-Mode Fiber (SMF). The output SOP can be defined in the following ways:

As Synchronous Scrambler the device switches the SOP of the output signal in a (pseudo) random way with a cycling speed of up to 100 KSOPs/s.

Switching of the SOP occurs within few microseconds. An electrical trigger input can be used to synchronize the scrambler with external events.

As SOP Switch the Keysight N7786B cycles through a sequence of SOPs with a speed of more than 40KHz, which corresponds to a cycle time of less than 25 microseconds. The sequence of SOPs can easily be defined by the user using Stokes coefficients.

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  • Set-and-forget: When the front button is pushed, the current SOP is stored and maintained, even if polarization changes occur on the instrument input.
  • Defined Stokes: The target output SOP can be defined by the user using the Stokes parametres