Acal BFi offer a unique combination of design expertise and leading-edge technologies from our comprehensive range of PXI / AXIe / DAQ and modular solutions, working with world-leading suppliers and acting as your technical partner to help solve design challenges. Our range of PXI / AXIe / DAQ and modular solutions includes AXIe products, Data acquisition products, PXI products, USB products, and VXI products.

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  • U2761A

    Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, USB modular-U2761A, 20MHz

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  • Y1153A

    Distribution Board, 2 (84904/5/6/7/8 or 8494/5/6) Step Attenuators

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  • 34932A

    Dual 4x16 Armature Matrix Module for 34980A

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  • testing_solar_cells_NA-000450_NI_a.jpg

    Testing solar cells, modules and arrays

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  • 5g_wireless_NA-000451_NI_a.jpg

    5G: Everything everywhere and always connected

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