PCIe Cable Interface, Gen 2, x8

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

The M9021A is designed for the M9018A chassis and utilizes unique features built into the M9018A. It is not compatible with the PXIe system slot in other PXIe chassis. Once installed in the M9018A chassis and connected to an external host computer via a standard PCIe cable, it provides a very high bandwidth serial link between the two. This link is transparent to computer applications and allows direct control of PXI and PXIe modules.

To ensure the best performance, the M9021A should be paired with a Gen 2 x8 Host PC card such as the Keysight Technologies M9048A. A x8 PCIe cable tested to operate at Gen 2 speeds such as the Keysight Technologies Y1202A should also be used. For control with a Laptop computer, the M9021A can be connected to an ExpressCard adapter such as the M9045B. However, the data bandwidth will be limited to x1 Gen 1 speeds in this case (maximum 250 MB/s).

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  • 1 slot 3U module for use in the M9018A PXIe Chassis
  • Single x8 link to PXIe backplane
  • Standard x8 cabled PCIe connector for use with standard PCIe cables and external computers
  • Gen 2 PCIe x8 link provides up to a 4 GB/s data rate from external controller to M9018A
  • Fully transparent to test system software applications
  • Benefits

  • Applications that utilize an external computer to control the M9018A PXIe Chassis