Offline Desktop EasyEXPERT Software, Measurement Libraries


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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Desktop EasyEXPERT provides the same capability, look and feel of EasyEXPERT software on a standalone PC. Desktop EasyEXPERT supports all aspects of device characterization as well as EasyEXPERT and it also provides a unified measurement environment for the B1500A, B1505A, 4155B/C (Semiconductor parameter analyser) and 4156B/C (Precision semiconductor parameter analyser). In online mode it can control these instruments and coordinate test automation in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober. In offline mode it can be used to develop new application tests and to analyze data. This maximizes your efficiency and permits you to use your parametric instruments in their primary role of making measurements.

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  • Hundreds ready to use measurement libraries (application tests)
  • Stress-free exploration by auto-data record enabling restoration of test data and conditions
  • Interactive real-time characterisation by knob based curve tracing with the auto-record feature
  • Maximum usage of instrument by portable, online/off-line capable test environment for test development and analysis
  • Supported parameter analysers: B1500A, B1505A, 4155/56B and 4155/56C
  • Benefits

  • Supports all aspects of parametric test, from basic IV and CV sweeps to advanced ultra-fast IV and pulsed IV measurement
  • Hundreds ready to use measurement libraries (application tests)
  • Personalized workspace and automated test data recording for device exploration without concerning data file management
  • Graph plot display/analysis/printing capabilities for analysis and reporting
  • Interactive real-time characterisation by knob based curve tracing with the auto-record feature
  • Curve tracer test mode on EasyEXPERT provides rotary knob control variable sweep just like a conventional curve tracer
  • Oscilloscope View visualizes voltage and current waveforms being applied to the device, therefore assists user to optimize test condition and to observe transient phenomenon of device
  • Test sequencing without programming is supported by Quick Test utility
  • Classic test mode on EasyEXPERT gives the look, feel and terminology of the Keysight 4155/4156 former parameter analyser
  • Import/Export device definition, measurement settings, my favorite setup, measurement data, and application library
  • GUI based switching matrix control panel
  • Self-test, self-calibration, diagnostics