J-BERT high-performance Serial BERT, up to 7 Gb/s and 12.5 Gb/s


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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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USB 3.0 is an update of the well-established, widespread standard driven by USB Implementers Forum, Inc., a non-profit corporation founded by the group of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification. USB 3.0 is also known as SuperSpeed USB. Keysight Technologies offers USB 3.0 test solutions for transmitter and receiver test, comprised of a DSA91304A Infiniium oscilloscope, a U7242A USB 3.0 test fixture, a pattern checker and pattern generator based on the J-BERT N4903B high-performance serial BERT, and the N5990A test automation software platform. USB receiver jitter tolerance testing became mandatory with the recent release of the USB 3.0 specification version 1.0.

The J-BERT N4903B pattern generator allows to emulate link training sequences to bring the host or device into loopback mode. J-BERT allows to emulate stress conditions even beyond margins without external sources. It has built-in, calibrated sources for sinusoidal jitter (SJ), random jitter (RJ), and has built-in switchable ISI traces to emulate channel effects. Spread Spectrum Clocking can be emulated. Adjustable de-emphasis is available with N4916B or by using J-BERT’s second output channel with an external adder.

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  • Complete and accurate receiver characterisation with calibrated jitter and stress injection
  • Supports many popular serial bus standards such as USB, PCI Express®, SATA and DisplayPort testing
  • Simplified, fast & & accurate compliance testing