Configured E4360A SAS Mainframe with Custom Modules

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

The E4366A is a build-to-order solar array simulator consisting of 1 E4360A mainframe and up to 2 E436xA modules. To specify which modules you want installed in the E4360A, modules are ordered as options to the E4366A. It is shipped as fully tested and assembled dual output solar array simulator.

The Keysight Technologies E436xA solar array simulator DC power modules simulate the output characteristics of a solar array. The E436xA is primarily a current source with very low output capacitance. It offers fast I-V curve changes allowing you to accurately simulate the output of different solar arrays under various environmental conditions (ex. temperature, age, eclipse, spin etc.).

Additionally, the E4360A SAS mainframe saves valuable rack space with its 2U high size. LAN, USB, and GPIB interfaces are standard. To simplify test system software development, the 14360A System Control Tool software package is shipped free with every E4360A SAS mainframe. This software simplifies the programming and control of multiple SASs. It allows a single function call to setup and control up to 100 E4360 outputs in a SAS system.

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  • The mainframe contains two E436x modules