PXI-h Attenuator/Switch Driver Module

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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The Keysight M9170A is a one-slot PXI attenuator switch driver module that provides the flexibility to drive Keysight’s expansive portfolio of RF & microwave step attenuators and electromechanical switches. It is a PXI-hybrid compliant module that comes with a full-featured graphical interface soft front panel for easy control and trigger.

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  • Drive up to 12 external SPDT switches, or 4 external SP4T/6T switches, or 12 transfer switches, or 2 external attenuators
  • Dual voltage supply of 5 V and 24 V and dual driving mode for pulse and continuous
  • Soft front panel provides a dynamic dashboard view and control of the connected attenuators or switches
  • Point-to-point interface cable options available for connection between driver and switching device
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